Our Travel Vlogs

Over this past year of travel, these travel vlogs have become our favourite souvenirs and we love sharing the fun with our viewers. The best part for us is getting amazing tips and suggestions from the people who watch our videos and even getting to meet some of them in person! If we’re ever in your city, please send us a message here or on our Facebook page because we’d love to get together and explore the city with a local. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting hidden gems in Warsaw with Arek, seeing the best of Łodz with Marta, learning of Torun’s best view points with Michał and sharing (quite a few) beers with Attila in Budapest. These memorable encounters are ones we’ll always treasure and we look forward to meeting more amazing people as our adventures continue.

We really hope you enjoy our travel vlogs! This adventure is so much more rewarding when we get to inspire viewers all over the world by showcasing some of the lesser-known destinations we visit. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here so that you’ll know when we publish our next video.

THANK YOU for watching and supporting our adventures around the world <3

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