Looking For An Excuse to Travel? We’ve Got 10

Looking For An Excuse To Travel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been looking for an excuse to travel. I considered it selfish of me to want to travel purely for the sake of travelling and so I was often trying to come up with legitimate reasons to get away. I know there are others out there looking for reasons to embark on a trip so here are 10 excuses to help convince those of you that need convincing. Read more

Is Mazatlan Safe? Does a bear poop in the woods?

is mazatlan safe

News stories can often paint a bad picture when it comes to Mexico, especially when you read headlines about the state of Sinaloa. Being home to one of the biggest cartels in the country can leave many wondering if the city of Mazatlan is safe to visit. After spending some time there recently, I hope that the recent bad reputation doesn’t stop you from visiting such a beautiful city.

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4 Fun Things to do in Cabo for Less than $11

Fun Things to do in Cabo

Our adventures in Mexico started in Cabo San Lucas and it wasn’t long before we realized how expensive of a tourist destination it is. Everywhere you go, there are vendors trying to sell you all sorts of tours that can cost over $100. While we won’t argue that they’re offering amazing experiences (zip-lining, ATV tours, dolphin encounters, etc), we can say that they were well over our budget. Read more