20 Cheap Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

Cheap Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Travelling the world on a budget is tough! And I’m not even being sarcastic. Sure, it’s easy in small towns and budget-friendly cities but it can be a challenge the second you arrive at a popular tourist hot spot. It’s a challenge we experienced a lot in Mexico especially visiting places like Cabo, Cancun and even Puerto Vallarta. We try not to let this stop us from exploring these cities because we enjoy the task of finding cheap (and even free!) things to do so that we can share what we learn with other travellers. And since we’ve come to know this resort town quite well, here are 20 cheap things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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The Best Way To Do Las Islas Marietas On A Budget

Las Marietas - Hidden Beach, Mexico

I’ve been travelling to Puerto Vallarta for over 10 years now and, even though a visit to Las Islas Marietas (the Marieta islands) was always on ‘the list’, it was something I never got around to doing. Year after year I would make up excuses: “It’s too far”, “It’s too expensive”, “Maybe next year” were among the top used. But this year we went! So here’s a recount of our memorable day and tips for those who want to experience Las Islas Marietas on a budget.

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