Our Favourite Couple Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Top Couple Travel Vloggers

There was probably a time when people had to turn to their travel agents to find out when and where to travel next. But thanks to today’s social media platforms, there are plenty of apps and sites to help you find your next dream destination from the comfort of your couch. And in our opinion, nothing beats watching the adventure unfold with vloggers on YouTube. There are so many vloggers out there that we love watching but our favourites are couples who travel together and share their personalities, experiences and helpful tips in each of their videos. So, to inspire you all, here are our 8 favourite couple travel vloggers on YouTube!

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5 Things I Learned After Traveling With My Boyfriend

I have always both enjoyed and encouraged solo travel. The thrill of navigating everything from an airport to an entire city on my own feels as natural as it does exciting. It wasn’t until this year that I started traveling with my boyfriend. Wes and I went on our first big trip(s) together and now the solo traveler in me had to make room for one more. Read more