Auditioning for Leo’s New Movie in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Auditioning as an extra for a movie in Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was 2:00am in Split, Croatia and not only were Wes and I wide awake but we were out at the bus station waiting for our new friends and ready for another adventure. We had no expectations but knew that we’d have a fun day and would say yes to any and all opportunities that would come our way. What we didn’t know is that the events that would unfold over the next 24 hours would end with us being featured on the national evening news in Croatia…

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One Thing You Can’t Miss in Cabo: Lovers Beach

A Must Do in Cabo San Lucas

It seems that every popular destination has an endless list of ‘must dos’. There are so many beautiful things to do and experience all over the world that it can easily be overwhelming! Today we’re sharing our absolute favourite experience in Cabo San Lucas. If you’ve only got one day to spare, you won’t want to miss out on this memorable (and cheap!) tour. Read more