Tips for Camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park

Reasons to Visit Bruce Peninsula National Park

Crystal clear beaches with unbelievably blue waters, plus scenic hikes and lush green forests. Could this be Canada?! Better yet, is this gem only a road trip away from Toronto?! No one knows quite like Canadians just how precious summer days and this summer everyone seems to be talking about Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. So for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors and enjoy more than just a patio, here’s everything you need to know about camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park this summer.

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Camping Across Canada: Bears, Black Flies & Bonfires

Camping Across Canada

Not long ago, Wes and I were planning to travel from Toronto to Vancouver. I had just celebrated my 27th birthday at home and we had to be in BC for Wes’ cousin’s wedding the month after. Despite there being daily flights between our hometowns, we were looking for more of an adventure (surprise, surprise!) and decided we’d have a go at camping across Canada. Read more