Video: Pig Skin, Dorilocos & Other Mexican Street Food

Every weekend, the markets in Mexico are bustling and the whole city comes out to the main square to enjoy the day. Feeling a little adventurous, we walked down to town with a small cardboard box and a big plan for our first video. Watch us struggle to eat everything from papaya to pig skin found in Dorilocos.

We hope you enjoy our video! Below is a closer look at the 6 different snacks we tried.


A favourite snack among locals here in Guanajuato but one that we were skeptical to try once we heard the vendor mention pig skin and pig ears. They can be prepared various ways but ours included pickled pork rinds, cucumbers, jicama, peanuts and a bunch of other stuff.

Mexican Street Food - Dorilocos


Tamales are a traditional dish cooked in banana leaf or corn husk. We tried a yummy chicken tamale in red sauce that had us wishing we had picked up more than one.

Mexican Street Food - Tamale

Aguas Frescas

These waters of Mexico are so refreshing! In the video we try agua de horchata and agua de limon which are two of our favourites. This time we skipped the cup because how often do you get to drink out of a plastic bag?!

Mexican Street Food - Agua de Limon

Fruit Cup

It’s easy to get fresh, ripe fruit in Mexico but we weren’t excited about this fruit cup because it included papaya. It’s a bit of an acquired taste so we made sure to have a chaser on hand to help us keep it down.

Mexican Street Food - Fruit Cups


On to dessert! Churros were probably our favourite snack of the day. This fried pastry is nice and crispy on the outside but still warm and soft on the inside. Covered in cinnamon and sugar, it was just what we needed after eating that papaya.

Mexican Street Food - Churros


Our last snack of the day was one that Wes still doesn’t know how to pronounce. Buñuelos are a different variation of fried dough and the ones we tried were coated in honey. A perfect way to end our day of Mexican snacks.

Mexican Street Food - Bunuelos

Have you ever tried any of these Mexican street foods? What are some of your favourite unique snacks from your travels?

2 thoughts on “Video: Pig Skin, Dorilocos & Other Mexican Street Food

  • February 27, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Dorilocos….. I think you guys are loco! Lexy loves pig ears. Haha but I love this video such a good idea to share your travels.

    • February 28, 2016 at 10:49 am

      Hahahah oh Lexy.. Glad you enjoy! More to come from these locos 😉


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