Riding a Camel in Marrakech

Wes Riding a CWes Riding a Camel in Marrakechamel

With only a few hours left until our flight back to Paris, we really wanted to ride a camel on our last day in Marrakech. A nasty stomach bug put us in bed for most of our week in Morocco and we were trying to make up for lost time by scratching off what was left on our to-do list.

Riding a Camel in Marrakech

Fel had done some research and we knew we didn’t have time for a day trip to the Palmeraie nearby. We asked at our riad and our options for riding a camel in the city were slim. It looked like the Oliveraie park was our best bet and, without knowing exactly where we were headed, we set off towards the main square to find us a city camel. It took us half an hour, a lot of asking people for directions and a bit of courage to come across two camels waiting for us in what appeared to be a construction site. At some point, this could’ve been a beautiful park but where we were standing, it was the opposite.

Riding a Camel in Marrakech

It didn’t take much haggling to come up with the $8 price tag to ride a camel for 15 minutes (at this point, that’s all the spare time we had). I guess the camel owners figured that a ride in the city, on a dirt road next to a construction site couldn’t be worth much more than that.

Fel Riding a Camel

The camels knelt down and we hopped on to the less-than-comfortable seats. At first I thought I was going to fall off. The camels stand quite high in the air and I’m not too fond of heights. But after a few minutes, I found my juevos (balls) and held on for the ride. It turned out to be pretty enjoyable in the end. It was mainly only the entrance of the park that was under construction and we rode through little valleys, olive trees and even on the sidewalk for a moment.

Fel and Wes Riding a Camel

It may not have been our ideal 3 day trek through the Sahara desert but our 15 minute ride was definitely an experience. If you’re in Marrakech and short on time (or cash) try asking a local where to find camels in the city. Maybe you’ll be riding a camel before you know it.

Riding a Camel in Marrakech

Tell us about your camel adventures in the comments below. Are they as odd as ours was?

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