Delicious Treats of Budapest

Budapest - Chimney Cake

I was surprised to find that two of my favourite snacks in all of Europe were ones I had in Budapest. What I love about them both is that they can be found on the side of the street and at any time of the day. Read one for two treats of Budapest you just have to try when in town.

Treats of Budapest: Lángos

Lángos (pronounced langosh)

Now here’s a true Hungarian dish. One that my dad always talked about but never knew how to make and it was on my radar since we left for Europe. It’s basically flatbread dough that is deep-fried until golden brown and traditionally covered in sour cream, garlic and cheese. Fel was new to Hungarian food at this point and lángos quickly became a favourite for her too.

Treats of Budapest
Retro Bufe in Budapest

Our Budapest hostel gave us a tip and said the best lángos could be found at Retró büfé. Nestled neatly in the heart of the city and just outside the Bajcsy Zsilinszky Ut station, this street-side café serves good food and fast. Everything is made fresh to order and so you’ll see as many locals in line as you will tourists.

Treats of Budapest
Traditional Langos

With many lángos variations on the menu, the possibilities are endless. We had to order the traditional toppings (sour cream, garlic and cheese) and were also curious to try their Mexican lángos to keep a bit of Fel’s heritage in the picture.

Treats of Budapest
Mexican Langos

Treats of Budapest: Kürtőskalács

Kürtőskalács (aka chimney cakes)

This is a dessert often sold at Budapest corner stands and different variations can be found throughout Europe. A strip of dough is baked around a wooden cylinder and then topped with sugar. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon – the flavours are endless and vary by stall.

Treats of Budapest
Delicious Chimney Cake

Originating from a mix of the Hungarian and Romanian people many years ago, it started as a festive dessert and has since become a daily snack for tourists and locals alike. The delicious aroma that levitates around the stands is more than inviting. It pulls you in closer and closer until you’re forced to empty your pockets for one of these treats of Budapest.

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  • September 27, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Kürtőskalács is the best thing ever. In Slovakia we call it ,,trdelník”. Actually, the first one was made in Skalica, Slovakia. You have to try that original one in Skalica, too!
    Also, I write about traveling, too, can we do follow for follow? 🙂


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