Prost! Why You Should Visit Munich

Hofbräu beer in Munich

All throughout Europe, I found myself exploring like a curious child, in awe of all that I saw and learned along the way. I didn’t know much about the German cities we were traveling to but I knew I wanted to visit Munich. Now it’s the city I can’t wait to return to and the one that gave me a new found appreciation for all things beer!

Munich First Impressions

Our first day in Munich started with a free walking tour led by a fabulous Sandeman tour guide named India. Somehow her love and excitement for Munich and the whole Bavaria region was contagious. The way she spoke about Oktoberfest had Wes and I looking at each other with that, “We need to be here for Oktoberfest” look.

Visit Munich
Maypole in Munich
Visit Munich
Empty Beer Hall Munich

Munich Beer Culture

Bavarians love their beer and that’s no secret. When you visit Munich, you’re never far from a beer garden or a beer hall. One of the most prominent (and perhaps most touristy) beer halls in the city is the Hofbräuhaus. We went for dinner that night for a traditional Bavarian meal and found ourselves going again, and again, and again. There are no words to describe the atmosphere of a German beer hall – every night felt like Oktoberfest to me. The live music, massive crowds and people wearing traditional German lederhosen made for many memorable evenings.

Visit Munich
Hofbrauhaus Munich

Visit Munich

Munich definitely set the bar for us on our Euro trip. Everything just seemed better there. I don’t know how many times Wes has compared his sauerkraut to the one he would order at the Hofbräuhaus. Even the beer that we drank throughout the rest of our trip didn’t quite compare. We enjoyed Hofbräu so much that we now go out of our way to not only find the beer in Canada but pay twice as much for it here. Anything to remind us of Munich. It may be a while until we find ourselves back there, but until then: Prost, to Munich!

Visit Munich
Beer by the Litre!

Have you been to visit Munich? Did you love it as much as we did?


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