The Search For a Haircut in Marrakech

While traveling through Europe I neglected clipping my beard and getting a haircut because I didn’t want to spend the $25 just to get my head shaved. A month into our trip, we had a gap in our itinerary and decided to do something spontaneous: we booked a cheap flight to Marrakech, Morocco. That’s when I knew I would definitely be getting a cheap haircut in Marrakech.

Haircut in Marrakech
Wes before his much-needed Haircut

Finding a Haircut in Marrakech

After 3 to 4 weeks of no trim, I set out on the complicated streets of the Marrakech main market. I had heard stories from locals we met in Germany that you could get a haircut for as little as $2. At that price, I was expecting a basic head shave with the trimmers and I was excited.

I spent hours looking for a barbershop, or as they say in French “coiffure“.  In the end, the maze-like streets proved more complicated than my desire for the $2 trim. I splurged for a $7 cut (including the beard trim) when I found a place just outside our hostel.

Haircut in Marrakech

The Magic of a Coiffure

Just as I sat down, the barber pulled out his straight razor. I’ve always wanted to see a straight blade in action so I was excited. This guy was great! At first I tried to tell him I wanted to keep the beard but he, being a master in the art of good looks, convinced me that he was just going to clean it up. 10 minutes later, he had finished the best haircut I’ve ever had. To this day I still trim my beard just the way he showed me.

Haircut in Marrakech

Haircut in Marrakech
Wes after his Haircut

This was definitely a great experience while in Marrakech. I hope to see him again and would recommend a haircut in this city for anyone looking for the best haircut!

Ever had a memorable haircut in a new city? Share your stories below!

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